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African Valve is the top Surge Anticipator Valve Supplier in Nigeria

African valve is the leading Surge Anticipator Valve Supplier in Nigeria. Surge is a transient condition that can occur in pipelines and piping systems when the flow of fluid is suddenly interrupted or changed. These valves are designed to anticipate and control pressure surges by allowing excess pressure to be safely discharged from the system when sudden changes in flow occur, they allow a controlled release of water that reduces the pressure within the system, minimizing the risk of damage from water hammer effects.

In Nigeria, Surge Anticipator Valve plays a critical role in maintaining the integrity and reliability of pipelines and systems by mitigating pressure surges and water hammer effects, and ensuring safe and efficient operation.



  • Equipment Longevity
  • System Integrity
  • Surge Protection
  • Enhanced Safety



  • Water Distribution Systems:
  • Power generation
  • Chemical Processing
  • HVAC Systems
  • Oil Gas Industry
  • Water Distribution Networks



  • Material: Ductile iron, Cast iron, WCB
  • Size: 2 Inch-24 Inch
  • Class: 150-300
  • Nominal Pressure: PN10-PN40
  • Ends: Flanged
  • Operations: Lever ,Pneumatic Actuator, Electric Actuator ,Gear operated

Conclusion, Surge Anticipator Valve protects systems from pressure surges or water hammer effects, provides proper operation and ensures safety.


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